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Run the Gauntlet in the North Georgia Mountains!

Once you’ve conquered The Tail of the Dragon at Deal''s Gap you’ll probably be hungry for a new adventure.  Well, The Gauntlet has been thrown down—are you ready to pick it up and accept the challenge?  The Gauntlet is 133 miles of demanding road running through the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia.  If you were impressed by the compelling scenery of the Dragon Tail you’ll love The Gauntlet!

Like the Dragons Tail you’ll find a road with twists and switchbacks that defy your confidence in your skills while at the same time bombarding you with sublime beauty and incomparable views.  The unspoiled beauty of this ride is seductive, compelling and a sharp contrast to the skill and concentration you will need on your journey.

Adrenaline junkies will find all the tight turns and elevation changes they need or want on this road 4,784 feet above sea level.  You’ll be truly amazed and understand the true meaning of the word “awesome” as you stand at a scenic overlook viewing the gorgeous mountain scenery.  You can see several states stretching out for miles on a clear day.  Numerous rest stops along the way allow you to soak up the beauty and magic of America’s most beautiful mountains.

You’ll check in at Gauntlet Headquarters at the Lodge at Copperhead or the Biker Barn and get a map that will guide you through the incredible scenic vistas and heart stopping turns and straightaways.  These are locations not available on your GPS!  You can start and end your run at either The Lodge at 171 Copperhead Parkway, or The Biker Barn at 24 Ivy Log Road in Blairsville, Georgia.  This is a day trip easily done after a leisurely breakfast.

You’ll want to take a picnic lunch so you can take a breather from the adrenaline halfway through and enjoy the sights and sounds of the mountains.  Just one hour from Atlanta or Chattanooga.

The Gauntlet is all about adventure.  After your exciting run through the mountains you can spend the evening with a special companion or celebrate your success with other bikers. You can get T-shirts, hats, patches and other merchandise that will commemorate your ride as you celebrate with the other adventurers at the Lodge at Copperhead or The Biker Barn.

You may even want to cap off the perfect day by staying overnight at the Lodge at Copperhead.  They offer fine dining, a bar, log cabins as well as hotel rooms, motorcycle garages and covered parking.

You may also want to check out the Biker Barn store in Blairsville, Georgia.  They have a complete line of helmets, riding gear and leathers, clothing and everything you need for you and your bike. They carry motorcycle trailers, custom enclosed trailers, trailer supplies, towing, transport and storage.

Don''t forget, stop by the Biker Barn after you’ve conquered the Gauntlet and sign the Gauntlet Wall, hang out with us for awhile and enjoy refreshments and free Wi-Fi.

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The Gauntlet Headquarters
Get Your Map at the Biker Barn!

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