Miva 10

Miva is a leading-edge shopping cart platform. 2C has been a Miva partner since 1996. Miva继续提供核心更新,增加功能和更好的功能, and Miva 10 is no exception.

Miva 10今天以流媒体更新的形式发布到商店,所以一定要运行更新. If you run into any issues, please use the form below to alert us, so we can get you taken care of right away. We don’t expect any update issues, but keep in mind that if you are running archaic modules, 您需要将模块更新为标准的车载模块(出于多种原因).

The Cliff Notes

在总结Miva 10核心更新中真正积极的变化, 它给所有类型的Miva用户(后端用户和开发人员)更多的时间和更少的用户挫折. That is something to get really excited about!

让我们深入挖掘一些好的东西,在我的Miva 10 Beta体验中脱颖而出.

Miva 10 Backend – Store Owners Will Love It!


内容仍然主要在用户习惯的相同类别中, however the UI organization of those items make more sense, and the navigation to things is much easier in Miva 10.

Miva 10 Customizable Work Flow

Of note, 定制仪表板的能力,以便轻松地访问后端区域,这些区域对于存储用户的工作流程非常重要. Each company has their own work flow that suits them best, and until Miva 10, there was no way to access that flow seamlessly. 现在每个商店都可以设置流程和导航,让用户直接进入他们需要访问的区域,而不需要过多的点击和加载时间.

Miva 10 UX Will Make Users Happy

Ordering, editing, deleting pages, products and categories has never been easier, because of small but mighty UI changes across the back-end.

让我印象深刻的是,尽管这些变化累积起来确实是向前迈出了一大步, users will not be faced with UI shock. Things will still feel really familiar on that first login.

就我个人而言,我很高兴带我们的客户参观,让他们开始在Miva 10. 我预测,当他们经历更少的挫折,并为他们一天中真正重要的事情节省更多的时间时,会有很多灵光一现的时刻和微笑. Sometimes agencies dread the initial stages of a core update, because of the surge of client tickets, as store owners stumble around in a practically new UI, but that is not the case for Miva 10. While we do expect some questions, we also expect our MIVA clients to be really happy with what they see.

Miva 10 Dev Flow Improvements

Reducing User-Friction Creates More Happiness

减少用户在开发流程中的摩擦总是能鼓励更大的创造力,并比之前的Miva版本更快地交付更改, which in turn keeps store owners and the end-user of the store happy.

Miva is showing that they care about the shopper, by caring about the developer, 不幸的是,这不是你在大多数其他电子商务平台上看到的场景.

许多平台不理解留住每个使用平台的人(购物者)的必要性, store owners, developers) happy and satisfied.

This is a smart move on the part of Miva, 因为它为所有类型的人创造了品牌满意度,这些人将会在他们的平台上有体验. It reduces 7 year itch. As an eCommerce website developer since 1996, I have seen it all. Trust me; no platform is ever perfect all of the time. 在每个平台的生命周期中都有这样的季节,没有损坏的东西会损坏,产生“另一个平台上的草更绿”的渴望. I’ve been there, too. While we are platform agnostic at 2C, 我们仍然充满信心地说,Miva是市场上最好的电子商务平台. 这并不是说它适合所有类型的用户——因为没有一个品牌应该适合所有人. Brands that do that that aren’t focused enough to be good at anything. But, I digress. When I say that Miva is the BEST eCommerce platform on the market, I mean that in a functionality way.

你找不到另一个平台能像它那样开放,对它的三个用户角色——购物者——都能使用, store owners, developers. 如果你找到了,请在下面评论,我很乐意做一个对比.

Typically you get a shopper-first, or store-owner-first approach. 在Miva版本的漫长历史中,一些用户抱怨Miva过于注重开发. As in, sure, 代码是公开的,您可以控制关于外观和感觉的每一件事,这是很好的, but what about store owners? In more recent history, Miva版本专注于Miva商店的强大功能,对商店所有者更友好, 减轻了开发者为商店老板做每一件小事的负担. However, 而由于Miva的开放性,开发者确实可以控制一切, the development flow was tedious. Things took longer than they should have; thus putting the developer in a constant time-squeeze, 有时候,这种情绪会影响到不开心的店主,他们无法理解为什么改变需要这么长时间. 开发人员是介于购物者的需要和商店所有者的需要和要求之间的人. 当时间密集的问题无法控制时,这不是一个愉快的地方.

The Ability to Deliver Store Builds and Changes Faster – YES!!

Time and use will tell, 但在这一点上,我的观点是,在这个版本中,时间紧张实际上是无效的. In fact, I am breathing a sigh of relief, 意识到我们的产品将会为我们的电子商务客户带来更多的光彩.

Saving Time, Miva Style

In the development flow, Miva 10中最好的升级之一是有能力在一个机构的几个部门创建自己的mod到一个模板在同一时间, and then merge them to the default template.

Furthermore, 当编辑一个特定的分支时(包含该模板所有可能代码的整个UI), 您可以在商店前端查看该页面,实时显示您的代码更改, but only to the person logged in making those changes. Clever, very clever. It’s almost like having your own Sonic Screwdriver. The Doctor would be proud!


Miva 10 Branch Management

Here is an example of a typical Miva development scenario here at 2C.

When building a new store, 我们将让开发人员在定制代码方面做繁重的工作, while our SEO expert, Holly, is creating SEO magic on the same template. Prior to Miva 10, Holly would have had to wait in line to do her work.

Miva 10

Miva 10

Now, numerous departments can create their own branches at the same time, checking their changes on the front end of that branch, then marry and publish them to the live store.

Another example applicable to Store Owners

考虑为季节性或假日销售副本开发一个分支. A branch pre-developed for every occasion. Swapping out branches for a short period of time. then reverting them with the click of a button. Digital Voodoo.

Branch Highlights

  • There are three ways to deploy page template code: copy, merge, swap.
  • 更好的是,还有一个UNDO按钮,可以恢复到模板的最后一个版本.
  • Don’t need a branch anymore? Simply delete it.

Miva 10

Watch The Video

Go here to watch the video to get a quick overview of the look and feel of Miva 10.


Miva 10 is a well-planned and executed core update. 我们的代理机构很高兴开始在开发方面认真地使用它,并准备好给我们的客户一次盛大的旅行. 我们知道他们会对Miva 10积极的用户体验更新感到兴奋